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Real Life Sucks Losers Dry

If you want to fuck the eagles, you have to learn to fly.

Molly is Out of Order. Please Use Stairs.
26 November 1985
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I'm tired of writing blurbs about me. Here's the basics: Redhead. TV-obsessed. Rants. Smoke. Comic books. Violence. Talks A LOT. Chip on my shoulder. Nice, honestly. Stupid, sometimes. Vulgar 24/7.

These pictures will tell you more about my taste and sense of humor than anything.



The Blessed St. Barbie, this picture is so kitschy and sarcastic.


Every time I look at this, I have to look at it twice before I realize what I'm seeing.


This is porn chic. I WANT this dress.

Tank Girl, papapapow.


"Even though I *am* a nag, that's something that you shouldn't let people know right off the bat. Let 'em figure it out after awhile and maybe then they won't wanna shoot you, because you have some other redeeming quality, like you're easy or something." -katiemonster
acting, alpha males, alternative, anti-sun, apocalyptic movies, bad porn, black clothes, black nail polish, blood bathing, blood drop analysis, boys who wear nailpolish, buffy trivia, butterscotch dumdums, camping, candles, cartoons, chick music, christopher pike, cigarettes, cinema scenery in life, comic books, crybaby, dark art, dark rooms, dc & marvel, dead bodies, decor, demonology, disco, edward gorey, electronica, elvira, fencing, fishnet, freeway, gay rights, geeky boys, genitorturers, ghouls, ginger snaps, glow-in-the-dark, graveyards, gregg araki's films, hairdye, halloween, hedwig, home movies, human rights, identity crises, jhonen vasquez, john waters' movies, k's choice, karma, lifetime movies, ligature marks, majandra delfino, making people happy, midnight rain, mood swings, morbid art, musicals, my name is earl, mythbusters, nicholas brendon, night of the comet, nin, no-name cast horror flicks, obscenities, obsessions, orange juice, paranormal stuff, pizza, pop-culture trivia, porn chic, problem-solving, purple, radiohead, rain, raspberries, rasputina, razor blade smile, really disgusting horror movies, reincarnation, rocky horror picture show, roswell, sarcasm, scalding hot showers, self-importance, sifl and olly, simon pegg movies, smiling at violence, sneaker pimps, some like it hot, splendid, stars, staying up all night, sunset/sunrise, tank girl, teen apocalypse trilogy, teen soaps, telekinetics, the 80's, the crow, the lost boys, the office, the state, thinking outside the box, thinking too much, thrift stores, to wong foo, underground, undressed, vampires, vanilla coke, velvet goldmine, violence, weird stuff, whitest kids you know, wrought iron, your mom, zero7